Sunday, 18 September 2016


Here is the note book made from the miniature now published.
It is for sale in my Etsy shop.

Thursday, 16 June 2016


This is a miniature I painted with poster paint on silk.
I intend to publish it as a note book cover.
When you first start to learn miniature painting in Rajasthan, you always start by painting an elephant which is the symbol of good luck.
I'd like to show you the different stages of the work I did to paint this elephant.

The sketch is done with pencil and then outlined with a very thin brush.
The colours of the background are applied before working on the elephant.

The colours have been applied on the background with shading and just a few details.
First step: the skin colour of the elephant has been painted, light grey here, as well as the pink of the skin and nails.
All the colours need two coats.

The shading has been painted on the skin (darker grey) and some of the skin detail has been added, as well as the eye and the white for the tusks.

Here I have started working on the red parure: background colours and shading.

The decoration on the parure is done, and all the jewellery and yellow parts that are going to be covered with 24 carat gold.

The gold has been applied on all the yellow parts and polished with an agate stone to make it shine.
Now some details can be painted on the gold (decorations, precious stones...)

The elephant is now finished and all outlined.
The last touches are the white details and pearls.
The detailed work on the background can be done now.

You can now see the elephant in the finished miniature.



Tuesday, 22 March 2016


This is the sketch for my miniature done on paper.
I worked on the bird with colour pencils and watercolour and drew the landscape I wanted for the project in pencil.

After the silk is stuck on a board with starch, the drawing is sketched with pencil and then outlined with brown poster paint and a thin brush.
First the background of the area I am going to work on is painted (hill on the right). It takes two coats of paint (poster paint).
The next step is the shading that you can see on the hills.
Finally the details are painted area by area.

Here you can see better the different stages of the work: plain backgrounds, backgrounds with shading, detail work.
The background landscape is painted before working on the bird.

The bird is now finished and the leaves, plants and flowers are started.
Details are added on the hills too.

Work on the foreground. It is not finished but I am getting there!

I have now decided that it was finished.
It is sometimes difficult to know when to stop because there are always details that you can add to a miniature!

This is the final project for a card as I will have it published.
After scanning my painting on Photoshop, I have worked on contrast, vibrancy and colour balance.
All in all, this represents about 30 hours of work.