Thursday, 25 September 2014

I haven't posted anything for the past year...but worked a lot during that time.
I continued painting miniatures on silk and paper, got involved in paper cutting and started using Photoshop, which was a new thing to me, thanks to my friend Bev who helped me to learn essential techniques with the program.
I have worked on projects for gift paper and stationary to submit to publishing companies.
This work involves creating my own designs by hand using colour pencils, watercolour and gouache and working on the composition digitally.
I mainly work with symmetry, mirrored images, collages, repeated patterns and a few special effects while trying to stay as close as possible to my own artwork.
Floral pattern 10 cm x 10 cm
 Here are three examples of my gift papers. More to follow...

1. This is a project for gift paper that I made from a painting done with watercolour, colour pencils and gouache. This is the base pattern for the gift-wrap.
Gift-wrap 50 cm x 70 cm
Here I used the technique of mirrored image to create a symmetrical surface pattern.

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